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Products – Imported Deforestation Tracker For Corporates

IMPORTED DEFORESTATION TRACKER FOR CORPORATES /// Demonstrate EUDR-compliance of imported goods across entire supply chains with independent satellite measurements WHAT IS IMPORTED DEFORESTATION TRACKER

Products – Asset Performance Tracker for Real Asset Managers

ASSET PERFORMANCE TRACKER FOR  ASSET MANAGERS /// Improve value assessment and risk evaluation with independent sustainability and production measures at the asset level. WHAT

Products – Equity Tracker for Asset Managers

Equity Tracker for Hedge Funds and Asset Managers /// Get unique tickerised satellite-based company performance metrics ahead of public data releases. BOOK A DEMO

Products – Macro Intelligence for Asset Managers

MACRO INTELLIGENCE FOR ASSET MANAGERS /// Nowcast macro-economic trends with accurate, transparent, and timely geospatial intelligence on energy, industry and transportation WHAT IS MACRO

Products – Visitation and Mobility Analysis for Traders

VISITATION AND MOBILITY ANALYSIS FOR TRADERS /// Get daily analysis of commercial and industrial location activity trends for better trading decisions  WHAT IS VISITATION

Products -Methane Emissions Disclosure for Financial institutions

METHANE EMISSIONS REPORTING FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS /// Fill in the missing data gaps and save time on scope 1,2,3 methane emissions reporting to communicate

Products – Methane Emissions Disclosure for Corporates

METHANE EMISSIONS REPORTING FOR CORPORATES /// Fill in the missing data gaps and reduce the risk of misreporting using third party data WHAT IS

Products – Off-the-radar Detection for Traders

OFF-THE-RADAR DETECTION FOR TRADERS /// Anticipate trends in the oil market by tracking oil carriers going off the radar to evade sanctions.   WHAT

Products – Vegetation Monitoring for RoW Operators

VEGETATION MANAGEMENT FOR RIGHT-OF-WAY OPERATORS /// Get a comprehensive view of your network to reduce operational risks by harnessing the power of satellite imagery

Products – Wildfire Risk Monitor for French Public Sector

WILDFIRE RISK MONITOR FOR FRENCH PUBLIC SECTOR /// Measure more accurately the susceptibility to wildfire, reinforce prevention, prepare operations and monitor wildfire with unique