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Drone flights over Cushing: Bringing transparency on crude inventories to 100%

The time for total transparency on Cushing crude inventories is now Despite the phenomenal growth of China’s oil storage capacity and actual stock levels

Assessing the Potential Impacts of a Long-Term Leasing Moratorium on Federal Lands

Following the Biden Administration’s decision to halt new oil and gas leasing activities across federal lands and offshore waters pending the outcome of a

Has oil demand been permanently altered by Covid-19?

COVID-19 at its peak caused the steepest demand drop in oil history, albeit with stark differences across fuel types and sectors of economic activity.

Oil’s COVID Recuperation: Geospatial Preview of 2021

Roughly a year after the oil shock of COVID-19 – marked by collapsing demand, surging inventories, heroic supply cuts — the question before us

Reassessing the Oil Demand Impact of COVID-19

The global oil industry has been doubly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic: by the collapse in oil demand triggered by the lockdowns and by

Too Full or Not Too Full: The Cushing Paradox

The oil market was shaken to its core when NYMEX WTI prompt contract prices, for the first time in history, fell into negative territory.

China Crude Demand Rebounds as the Rest of Asia Reels from COVID-19

China and its neighboring Asian countries are exhibiting different crude demand profiles just a few months after the first cases of coronavirus Implied crude

The Lockdown: Making Sense of the Supply Cuts

The back-to-back OPEC+ and G20 meetings resulted in the largest (in volume) and broadest (in participants) production cut deal in oil history and seem

A Tale of Two Countries: Coronavirus Impacts on Energy Demand in China and India

The coronavirus outbreak is impacting energy demand in the world’s most populous countries, China and India, on different timescales China was the first economy

Market View: Tank Tops and Game Theory

Perhaps for the first time in its history, the oil market is about to test storage capacity limits Perhaps for the first time in