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COLONIAL UPDATE: Geospatial data track the market response to the pipeline disruption in near realtime

Colonial Pipeline, a top supplier of oil products in the US East Coast, the region known as PADD 1 in oil statistics, suffered an

China Crude Demand Rebounds as the Rest of Asia Reels from COVID-19

China and its neighboring Asian countries are exhibiting different crude demand profiles just a few months after the first cases of coronavirus Implied crude

COVID-19 III: China crude stocks surge amid drop in refinery runs

The coronavirus is continuing to ripple through markets, shuttering China’s industries leaving the global supply chain vulnerable to large-scale disruptions As the spread of

Through the Smoke — Kayrros Observes Nine Units Under Repair at Baton Rouge Refinery

Kayrros monitoring shows nine units remain idle and are undergoing repairs at the 502,000 b/d Baton Rouge refinery Kayrros monitoring shows nine units remain

COVID-19 II: For Chinese Crude Oil Demand, the Worst Has Yet to Come

The coronavirus is continuing to take its toll on the Chinese economy, driving oil demand down and shuttering many of the country’s industrial facilities

COVID-19 I: Chinese Crude Demand Plummets Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus epidemic had already shaved 3 percentage points off of Chinese crude oil demand growth as of end-January, Kayrros oil market monitoring reveals.

Data Fusion Enables Predictive Refinery Observation

Geospatial intelligence and data fusion are bringing petroleum refinery operations out of the shadows, setting the stage for predictive analytics as the new frontier