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Glasgow was a Kayrros moment

In many ways, the Glasgow Climate Pact signed by nearly 200 countries on November 13 has highlighted the need for more robust measurements of

France’s Landes de Gascogne Forest Has a 3D Geospatial Twin Guardian

Imagine being able to take a stereoscopic image from space of anything on Earth, and then use this image to build a 3D digital

Dataiku and Kayrros: The Power of Alternative Data

Dataiku and Kayrros understand the value of unconventional data in enabling faster action with hyper-agility. Our recently announced partnership represents a shared ethos in

Detecting Clouds in Satellite Images Helps Monitor Environmental Changes at Scale

Automated cloud filtering for clearer understanding Figure 1. Forest under cloud coverage Source: Kayrros A computer can be taught how to speak languages, recognize

International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) to publish six scientific research papers by Kayrros and Université Paris-Saclay

The papers introduce new image processing techniques that will progress the science driving geospatial monitoring Kayrros is very pleased to announce that six scientific

The Lockdown: Making Sense of the Supply Cuts

The back-to-back OPEC+ and G20 meetings resulted in the largest (in volume) and broadest (in participants) production cut deal in oil history and seem

Kayrros Scientific Partnerships: Collaborating with France’s Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et Environnement (LSCE) on emissions tracking

Whether tracking crude oil supplies or methane emissions, Kayrros has always practiced a culture of collaboration and partnership with a range of external scientific

Inside Kayrros Leadership Series: Alexandre d’Aspremont, leader in the fields of mathematical programming & machine learning, on why he’s involved with Kayrros

When mathematical optimization, machine learning and energy meet “We are basically quantifying crucial issues like energy patterns or global emissions at planet scale, using

How do satellites know where to look?

Social media bring value to satellite alert systems through natural language processing Imagine a satellite orbiting the globe, quietly taking snapshots of the Earth’s

Securing the world’s longest high-voltage powerline networks from space

In a new algorithmic alert system, combining advanced mathematics and satellite imagery eliminates the blind spots of HV powerlines Picture vast stretches of powerlines,