Methane Leak Technology Bolsters Oil Industry’s ESG Efforts

Project GREEN Wins the Big Data Prize

Kayrros won the Concours Mondial d’Innovation Big Data Category on 26 March 2018, for the start-up company’s Generating Reliable Information for Energy and ENvironment (GREEN) program. The award was unveiled at a lunchtime event at the Banque Publique d’Investissement’s Hub in Paris. Many projects were entered in the competition in a total of eight categories covering strategic energy and environment goals that ranged from energy storage through marine resources and new materials, to big data and innovations in security and threat protection.

The award-winning GREEN project was designed to use Kayrros expertise in global energy to gain insight into the wind, solar, and electricity storage markets. Kayrros believes that greater analytical observations of the booming field of renewables will help increase efficiency and become a building block for an environment-friendly future. The GREEN project is also designed to analyze global greenhouse gas emissions, which can help make sure that targets are met for national and international standards.

Commenting on the award, Antoine Rostand, Kayrros president said, “It is an honor for Kayrros to have been recognized by the French Innovation 2030 Commission as a winner in the Worldwide Innovation Challenge for the innovation and transparency we are bringing to the world of energy. The efforts of our dedicated and motivated teams of young professionals in energy and data have succeeded in adding new and more timely understanding to global energy supply and demand from both renewable and non-renewable resources.”

The Concours Mondial d’Innovation, or Worldwide Innovation Challenge, was launched by the French Innovation 2030 Commission to stimulate new ideas and innovations to confront the major challenges of the world of 2030. The Challenge is backed by the Banque Publique d’Investissement to enable the creation, growth, and development of entrepreneurial and start-up companies through financing opportunities and operational support.

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