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Has oil demand been permanently altered by Covid-19?

COVID-19 at its peak caused the steepest demand drop in oil history, albeit with stark differences across fuel types and sectors of economic activity.

Reassessing the Oil Demand Impact of COVID-19

The global oil industry has been doubly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic: by the collapse in oil demand triggered by the lockdowns and by

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Kayrros examines road traffic signals in the US and reveals that the decline in US demand has slowed and may be on a path

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China and its neighboring Asian countries are exhibiting different crude demand profiles just a few months after the first cases of coronavirus Implied crude

A Tale of Two Countries: Coronavirus Impacts on Energy Demand in China and India

The coronavirus outbreak is impacting energy demand in the world’s most populous countries, China and India, on different timescales China was the first economy

COVID-19 II: For Chinese Crude Oil Demand, the Worst Has Yet to Come

The coronavirus is continuing to take its toll on the Chinese economy, driving oil demand down and shuttering many of the country’s industrial facilities

COVID-19 I: Chinese Crude Demand Plummets Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus epidemic had already shaved 3 percentage points off of Chinese crude oil demand growth as of end-January, Kayrros oil market monitoring reveals.