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There’s more to Shell’s Permian exit than cutting GHG emissions

When Royal Dutch Shell announced its decision to divest its Permian tight oil assets in mid-September, most market commentators jumped on the notion that

Drone flights over Cushing: Bringing transparency on crude inventories to 100%

The time for total transparency on Cushing crude inventories is now Despite the phenomenal growth of China’s oil storage capacity and actual stock levels

COLONIAL UPDATE: Geospatial data track the market response to the pipeline disruption in near realtime

Colonial Pipeline, a top supplier of oil products in the US East Coast, the region known as PADD 1 in oil statistics, suffered an

Assessing the Potential Impacts of a Long-Term Leasing Moratorium on Federal Lands

Following the Biden Administration’s decision to halt new oil and gas leasing activities across federal lands and offshore waters pending the outcome of a

On-Road Data Show US Commuting Mileage Recovering to Pre-Covid Levels

Throughout the past year, Covid-19-induced lockdown measures swept across the globe, disrupting almost everything from individual daily lives to the world’s biggest economies. One

Covid-19 Boosts Jet Fuel Demand in Top US Cargo Hubs

Kayrros data show some surprising insights into US jet fuel demand throughout the past year, highlighting that especially in the case of COVID-19, things

Kayrros Jet Fuel Demand: China Jet Fuel Demand Falls 20 % M/M in January 2021

Kayrros data show China’s jet fuel demand fell in January from December 2020, ahead of the Chinese New Year. Domestic air travel, which had

Special Report: Rising US M&A Poised to Reset Tight Oil Pecking Order

Consolidation in the US tight oil patch had been a matter of mounting speculation since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian-Saudi

California Fires Help Suppress US Gasoline Use 10% Below Seasonal Norm

Kayrros measures US non-commercial driving in September 2020 declined more steeply than in past years, while commercial driving increased relative to past seasons. The

As the oil market enters uncharted waters, new data technologies offer sorely needed navigation tool

The covid-19 pandemic has delivered a brutal shock to an oil and gas industry that was already ailing before the outbreak. Just as importantly,