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Kayrros Carbon Watch introduces EU carbon emissions forecasts

Kayrros launches Equity Tracker to provide equity investors with company performance insights in near realtime

18 January 2023 – Kayrros, a world leader in digital MRV and earth and asset observation, has launched Equity Tracker, a company performance tracker

KAPSARC and Kayrros Unveil Saudi Arabia’s Methane Emission Landscape Using Satellite Technology

Dubai, December 7 – In an innovative collaboration, the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) and Kayrros have published the first-ever measurements

Global Methane Pledge signatories failing in bid to cut emissions by 30% by 2030, Kayrros data shows

1 December 2023 – New data from environmental intelligence company Kayrros, a world leader in tracking methane emissions and other climate events, shows little

Bureau Veritas, Kayrros and OPTEL join forces to help companies reduce supply chain-induced deforestation

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, Kayrros, a leading environmental intelligence services company, and OPTEL, one of the world’s leading

How To Reduce Methane Emissions Using Satellite Monitoring

Success in the struggle to address climate change and avert irreparable harm to people, ecosystems and livelihoods is taking targeted action. Bringing down methane

“Honey, I shrank Europe’s carbon footprint”

European carbon emissions have never been falling faster — at least not since Kayrros Carbon Watch stated tracking them in 2016. The power sector

Kayrros US Carbon Watch Achieves 98% Accuracy

In the rapidly evolving world of carbon trading, having accurate, timely data is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Kayrros is at the forefront

Unlocking the Future of California Carbon Trades: Introducing US Carbon Watch

In the realm of energy and environmental change, California stands as a trailblazer, with its ambitious carbon cap-and-trade program recognized as one of the

Kayrros named on Fortune’s ‘Change the World’ 2023 list; company calls for ban on methane super-emitters

27 September 2023 – Global environmental intelligence company Kayrros has been named on Fortune’s annual Change the World list, which highlights companies making strides

Why the world needs independent monitoring of man-made methane emissions – Kayrros Webinar

As part of Climate Week NYC, Kayrros is inviting you to a pivotal discussion on the crucial role of independent monitoring in the field

Tracking Jet Fuel Demand—From Bottom to Top

Measuring a sector resurgence Orders for new jet airliners reached record highs at the June 2023 Paris Air Show with more than 1,300 orders

A new generation wildfire risk model: From detection to action 

In the face of an unprecedented wildfire season, timely insights are more necessary than ever to accurately assess the risk posed by climate induced

Kayrros Carbon Watch now includes maritime emissions

With accuracy greater than 98%, and intelligence delivered ahead of official figures, Kayrros Carbon Watch provides accurate and timely measured data in the face

Can solar panels take the Texas heat?

Texas is once again feeling the heat of rapidly warming temperatures. Will recent increases in its power generation capacity be sufficient to avert the kind