Étiquette : Inventories

Drone flights over Cushing: Bringing transparency on crude inventories to 100%

The time for total transparency on Cushing crude inventories is now Despite the phenomenal growth of China’s oil storage capacity and actual stock levels

Oil’s COVID Recuperation: Geospatial Preview of 2021

Roughly a year after the oil shock of COVID-19 – marked by collapsing demand, surging inventories, heroic supply cuts — the question before us

Special Report: Rising US M&A Poised to Reset Tight Oil Pecking Order

Consolidation in the US tight oil patch had been a matter of mounting speculation since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian-Saudi

As the oil market enters uncharted waters, new data technologies offer sorely needed navigation tool

The covid-19 pandemic has delivered a brutal shock to an oil and gas industry that was already ailing before the outbreak. Just as importantly,

Reassessing the Oil Demand Impact of COVID-19

The global oil industry has been doubly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic: by the collapse in oil demand triggered by the lockdowns and by

Too Full or Not Too Full: The Cushing Paradox

The oil market was shaken to its core when NYMEX WTI prompt contract prices, for the first time in history, fell into negative territory.

All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Flow

Too little too late: US tight oil activity plummets in March, but not enough to prevent a historic crash in WTI In the wake

Market View: Tank Tops and Game Theory

Perhaps for the first time in its history, the oil market is about to test storage capacity limits Perhaps for the first time in

COVID-19 III: China crude stocks surge amid drop in refinery runs

The coronavirus is continuing to ripple through markets, shuttering China’s industries leaving the global supply chain vulnerable to large-scale disruptions As the spread of

The Oil Games 2: Fixing the Game

In the first episode of the Oil Games, we met the Players and discovered the Rules of the Game. A surprising takeaway from the