Introducing Forest Carbon Monitor

Why Forest Carbon Monitor?

Nature-based solutions projects are essential for sustainable development practices that monitor and reduce carbon emissions in line with global net-zero goals. Obtaining accurate data related to carbon emissions in nature-based solutions can be particularly challenging because it requires field visits, leading to issues of low reactivity, partial measurements, and low scalability. 

To combat these problems, Kayrros provides a comprehensive, cutting-edge platform: Forest Carbon Monitor. It enables project developers to reduce financial and reputation risks with independent environmental metrics based on transparent and standardized remote sensing data. By using our platform, forestry carbon offset project developers can more accurately assess the effectiveness of their projects in reducing carbon emissions, demonstrating the quality of their work to final buyers.

What is Forest Carbon Monitor?

Forest Carbon Monitor enables project developers to reduce financial and reputational risks with independent environmental metrics based on transparent and standardized remote sensing data.

The platform’s advanced use of AI in environmental intelligence enables unprecedented accuracy in measuring and verifying project performance indicators, consequently reducing the risk of error and data manipulation. This allows us to provide a level of transparency and trust that is essential for forestry carbon offsets to succeed, in addition to being a critical tool for meeting global net zero targets. Forest Carbon Monitor delivers what most field visits cannot: accurate data and constant monitoring backed up by credible science.

Our regional layers of environmental KPIs (such as canopy cover or biomass stock) based on radar and optical satellite data provide a comprehensive view of each project’s performance and regional trends, helping challenge baselines and assess leakages. Forest Carbon Monitor is an invaluable tool for monitoring the impact of land use change, and evaluating conservation efforts. Our datasets combine a 10-meter resolution with regional and national-level analysis to efficiently evaluate forestry projects, while our biomass measurements provide yearly updates on project performance, along with detection of losses and gains.

Choose Forest Carbon Monitor for a comprehensive, data-driven approach to nature-based solutions and project evaluation. With the use of our cutting-edge satellite technology, efficient continuous digitized MRV capabilities, and advanced use of AI in environmental intelligence, we are leading the way in sustainable development.

Who is the product for? 

  • Project developers

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