Introducing Battery Storage Construction Monitor

Why Battery Construction Monitor?

Battery storage systems play a crucial role in storing excess energy from renewable sources but trading in storage assets represents a significant challenge. The vast amount of data needed to make informed decisions, the high demand for data that bring transparency to market developments, and the lack of timely reporting by regulators and companies are all obstacles to be overcome. 

What is Battery Construction Monitor?

The Kayrros Battery Construction Monitor provides an effective solution to these challenges. Battery storage systems store excess energy from renewable sources such as solar panels and wind turbines, boost grid efficiency and reliability, and increase competition in energy markets. Battery Construction Monitor offers timely and accurate information to monitor project start-ups, spot delays, and forecast project completions.

Using dynamic monitoring and advanced satellite data, Battery Construction Monitor provides a clear view of battery storage development ahead of other data providers. Such transparency brings new insights to the renewables market, allows for more-informed decision-making, and provides a powerful solution for measuring the impact of renewable energy on power markets.

Who is the product for?

  • Power traders measure impact on gas prices to get an edge on competitive energy markets.
  • Hedge funds improve performance on supply chain monitoring and power production for the best strategy in volatile markets.
  • Utilities measure the impact on pricing models using analytical tools to make the best-informed decisions.

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