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Glasgow was a Kayrros moment

In many ways, the Glasgow Climate Pact signed by nearly 200 countries on November 13 has highlighted the need for more robust measurements of

Taking climate action now—how satellite data can help

Atmospheric measurements empower fossil fuel producers to cut methane emissions faster, at lower cost Unlike carbon emissions, which are comparatively easy to estimate but

Detecting Clouds in Satellite Images Helps Monitor Environmental Changes at Scale

Automated cloud filtering for clearer understanding Figure 1. Forest under cloud coverage Source: Kayrros A computer can be taught how to speak languages, recognize

Quantifying Methane Emissions: The Time is Now

Climate change is top of mind for both business leaders and governments. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have mostly focused on carbon dioxide

Inside Kayrros Leadership Series: Thomas Lauvaux, Senior Researcher at the LSCE and Kayrros advisor, leverages atmospheric measurements and satellites for climate policy change

It’s time to train a workforce to fight climate policies with alternative data “We used to do drive-arounds in Texas. People had instruments on

Kayrros Scientific Partnerships: Collaborating with France’s Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et Environnement (LSCE) on emissions tracking

Whether tracking crude oil supplies or methane emissions, Kayrros has always practiced a culture of collaboration and partnership with a range of external scientific