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Oil’s COVID Recuperation: Geospatial Preview of 2021

Roughly a year after the oil shock of COVID-19 – marked by collapsing demand, surging inventories, heroic supply cuts — the question before us

Close the Valve: Methane Emissions from Pipeline Networks

Better operating practices offer significant opportunities for mitigation. Over the last two years, we at Kayrros have detected hundreds of methane hotspots in the

Special Report: Rising US M&A Poised to Reset Tight Oil Pecking Order

Consolidation in the US tight oil patch had been a matter of mounting speculation since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian-Saudi

Antoine Rostand, CEO de Kayrros, intervient au France Digitale Day 2020 pour discuter du futur de la détection de méthane

Chaque année, le France Digitale Day réunit les grands acteurs de la Tech au niveau européen pour échanger autour de sujets d’innovation. L’évènement constitue

California Fires Help Suppress US Gasoline Use 10% Below Seasonal Norm

Kayrros measures US non-commercial driving in September 2020 declined more steeply than in past years, while commercial driving increased relative to past seasons. The

Carbon Monoxide Concentrations Across the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range Rise Fivefold

Kayrros measured spikes in carbon monoxide (CO) levels as wildfires rage through the region As wildfires blaze through the West Coast—killing over 33 people,

Inside Kayrros Leadership Series: Jean-Michel Morel, global leader in the field of scientific image processing, on the digital darkroom of satellite imagery

Where scientific calculation, AI and reverse engineering process satellite images   “Aut Caesar, aut nihil! Be Caesar or be nothing! This is a space

Dataiku and Kayrros: The Power of Alternative Data

Dataiku and Kayrros understand the value of unconventional data in enabling faster action with hyper-agility. Our recently announced partnership represents a shared ethos in

Detecting Clouds in Satellite Images Helps Monitor Environmental Changes at Scale

Automated cloud filtering for clearer understanding Figure 1. Forest under cloud coverage Source: Kayrros A computer can be taught how to speak languages, recognize

Quantifying Methane Emissions: The Time is Now

Climate change is top of mind for both business leaders and governments. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have mostly focused on carbon dioxide