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Industries – Green Finance

Re-create trust in green finance thanks to independent measurements

Missions – Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Measure and attribute greenhouse gas emissions with unprecedented accuracy and granularity

Products – Equity Tracker for Asset Managers

Optimize your trading decisions with near-realtime, global, measured crude oil inventories

Missions – Manage the Energy Transition

Make better investment decisions to accelerate the transition to a new energy system

Mission – Protect people, environment and assets

Assess and monitor physical climate risks

Industries – Commodity and carbon trading

Leverage the advantage of actionable information to trade commodities and carbon allowances at the right price and the right time

Industries – Energy and Nature Based Solutions

Leverage satellite measurements for operational excellence

Industries – Government & Regulators

Design and implement effective climate policies and solutions

Products – Battery Storage Construction Monitor for Traders

Gain transparency on state of the Battery Storage Construction development in the US and enhance your strategy for better trading decisions

Products – E&P for Operators

Plan operations, benchmark performance and monitor competition with unequaled visibility on US oilfield operations