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There’s more to Shell’s Permian exit than cutting GHG emissions

When Royal Dutch Shell announced its decision to divest its Permian tight oil assets in mid-September, most market commentators jumped on the notion that

COLONIAL UPDATE: Geospatial data track the market response to the pipeline disruption in near realtime

Colonial Pipeline, a top supplier of oil products in the US East Coast, the region known as PADD 1 in oil statistics, suffered an

Assessing the Potential Impacts of a Long-Term Leasing Moratorium on Federal Lands

Following the Biden Administration’s decision to halt new oil and gas leasing activities across federal lands and offshore waters pending the outcome of a

Oil’s COVID Recuperation: Geospatial Preview of 2021

Roughly a year after the oil shock of COVID-19 – marked by collapsing demand, surging inventories, heroic supply cuts — the question before us

Special Report: Rising US M&A Poised to Reset Tight Oil Pecking Order

Consolidation in the US tight oil patch had been a matter of mounting speculation since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian-Saudi

As the oil market enters uncharted waters, new data technologies offer sorely needed navigation tool

The covid-19 pandemic has delivered a brutal shock to an oil and gas industry that was already ailing before the outbreak. Just as importantly,

Unconventional Focus: Fracs Reach Untold Depths

In April, US tight oil completions dropped to the lowest level of activity in any single month since 2016. When plummeting demand due to

Well Completions Fall to Levels Not Seen Since the Beginning of the Shale Revolution

The completions count fell by 48% m/m in April 2020 while DUC wells increased by 717 After holding steady at the end of Q1,

Reassessing the Oil Demand Impact of COVID-19

The global oil industry has been doubly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic: by the collapse in oil demand triggered by the lockdowns and by

Too Full or Not Too Full: The Cushing Paradox

The oil market was shaken to its core when NYMEX WTI prompt contract prices, for the first time in history, fell into negative territory.