Collaborating to Improve the Accuracy of Global Power Data

Accurate, complete data is crucial to gain greater insight on the energy sector.

Kayrros uses advanced technologies, including satellite imagery and machine learning, to harness data that illuminates energy market trends and changes and brings greater transparency to all facets of this traditionally opaque industry.

Kayrros is extending this vision for greater transparency to the global power sector by collaborating with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to develop the Global Power Plant Database, a new comprehensive, open data source on power plants worldwide. The database includes data points on around 25,500 power plants from 162 countries, including their location, capacity, generation, ownership, and fuel type.

While the database combines government and independent source data with crowdsourced data, including satellite imagery, they do not always provide a complete set of data points for every power plant. These information gaps create barriers to understanding the global power sector and hinder efforts for sustainable power sector developments.

To improve the database’ accuracy and completeness, Kayrros will contribute its knowledge of satellite imagery analysis and machine learning to identify and verify key features about power plants. With more accurate data sets, the Global Power Plant Database will offer greater transparency and insight on the global power sector and a more comprehensive view on power plant operations.

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